14 Days with Litiana

Sunday morning March 15, I dropped of my boss (Linda) from our Church Headquarters in the USA  at the Sydney International Terminal for her to catch her direct flight to Houston and then onwards to Washington DC. After leaving her at the airport, I made my way directly home pretty certain that for the sake of my family, colleagues and wider community I needed to self-isolate for 14 days. There was definitely a part of me that was looking forward to this time to R.E.S.T. recuperate and catch up on those backlogged emails, tasks and books that didn’t quite get finished. At least that’s what I thought I’d be doing… Since I do like to share some of my adventures on FB I also thought it might be a good idea since I was voluntarily doing this “self-isolation” thing, that I should create some parenting/kid friendly hashtags since parents and kids may need to be doing this if things in the world turned NASTY!… and boy did they turn nasty fast…

So I went back to my English poetry classes and decided to go with some alliteration…(sorry in advance)

#Chores2combatCovid19  obviously kids need to do chores or jobs around the house otherwise they and you as the parent would get stir crazy and so was born #connectingthroughchores

#Choruses2combatCovid19 obviously some great worship songs can lift ones spirits and so #connectingthroughchoruses

#Crafts2combatCovid19  obviously mums and dad’s need to allow kids to get creative with some craft ideas since they’re stuck in the house and so #connectingthroughcrafts

#Chillaxing2combat Covid19 ones mental wellbeing and the opportunity to reflect, worship and be still amidst the craziness was also important and so I also did #connectingthroughchillaxing

#Concoctions2combatCovid19   then yesterday was my last day(Day 14) and I did the #Connectingthrougconcoctions

Only time will tell if it was worth it… so knock yourself out…check out my 14 days of self isolation and if you have any chores, choruses, crafts, chillaxing or concoctions to add…Please hashtag it with #C….2combatCovid19 and let’s virtually share this journey!


Day 1 – Crafts

Connect with your kids through Crafts2Combat Covid-19 #ConnectwithCrafts #Bislama #Day1 #Crafts2combatcovid19

Day 2 – Singing

Proverbs 15:13
A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day. Please share this and also create your own videos with songs to bring joy to others. #Connectwithchoruses #Choruses2combatcovid19 #Day2

Day 3 – Catch a sunrise

It’s Day3 of being in isolation, perhaps you could look at starting your day earlier with the sunrise, a prayer journal and the company of some singing birds…Remember to have a spirit of positivity, it makes everything easier… #Chillaxin2CombatCovid19 #Day3

Day 4 – Fresh air

Day 4 of being in isolation due to Covid-19. Today and every day, try and get outside in the fresh air and lovely sunshine. Help mum & dad do some chores or cleaning around the house. #Chores2combatCovid19 #ConnectwithChores #Day4

Day 5 – Sabbath School

In this season of Covid-19, Sabbath School can be easily done at home within our family units. Remember mums and dads you are your childs’ first teacher. You’ve got this, God’s got you…and we are praying for you… #childrensschool2combatCovid19 #Day5 #wearetheChurch #connectwithChildrenSSchool

Day 6 – Bags

Day 6 of self-isolation, was also a day to say farewell to loved ones who’ve been house guests who have to leave before their country borders close…like Australia, most of the Pacific islands do not allow plastic bags…today’s craft is making yourself a shopping bag from an old sheet.
#crafts2combatCovid19 #Day6 #ConnectthroughCraft

Day 7- Zooming

Day 7 of self-isolation and had a couple of zoom meetings with my SPD Discipleship Ministries team…so nice to see them on the screen and hear about their week and Sabbath adventures…today…I am reminded about the faithfulness of God and His unfailing love. I sat for a while in the garden just enjoying the rosellas. Also loved singing with my sister Sarai… I hope that you and your loved ones are doing ok and that you are able to see Gods goodness despite the craziness which seems to prevail. #JesusloveNeverFails #connectthroughchoruses #Choruses2combatcovid19 #Day7 #Blessed

Day 8- Mowing the lawn

Day 8 of self-isolation of course it’s important to get outside not just for fresh air, but also to do some chores around the house. This afternoon our son Leslie mowed the lawns both the front and backyards…perhaps you might notice an elderly neighbours lawn may need mowing…You could in this crazy time of isolation offer to help with a neighbours garden while still maintaining the appropriate social distances😁 #connectthroughchores #Chores2combatcovid19 #Day8

Day 9 – Aunty and Uncle

Day 9 of self-isolation however Aunty Sarai Stephens and I visited uncle Eddie, remembering to keep our safe social distance as we involve ourselves in #connectingthroughchoruses. Remember during this crazy time you are carried in the Lord’s gentle hands.  #choruses2combatCovid19 #Day9 #Praying4U

Day 10 – Whipping up a top

Day 10 of self-isolation…and what a day it has been. The rain has poured down and brought some great refreshing to the garden and the freshly mowed lawns.It’s been a typically CrazyCovid day…starting for me around 6am…What I am finding with this working from home life is that it is more stressful and so much more busier…than my regular life. Give me strength🤦‍♀️ it’s 4:42pm and I’ve not had lunch…good thing I carry my reserves around with me😉😉. Anywho todays craft is a little butterfly top.Huge thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law who just whips these items up for me…stressing less #connectthroughcrafts #crafts2combatCovid19 #Day10

Day 11 – Dolls

Day 11 of self-isolation, I am blessed with an awesome sister-in-law who made me a lovely top and with the left over pieces, she made my Fijian doll a matching jamba. #connectingthroughcrafts #crafts2combatCovid19 #Day11

Day 12 – Sabbath

Day 12 of self-isolation, it is Sabbath… a day of R.E.S.T don’t mind me as I just unplug #Blessed24 #connectthroughchillaxing #Chillaxin2CombatCovid19 #Day12

Day 13 – Garden

Day 13 of self-isolation is really about what we can do moving forward because tomorrow will be my ‘last day’ of a two week self imposed seclusion.The news reports from within Australia and around the world are worrying however, we TRUST in the goodness of our heavenly father, and the people who lead our country. #Connectingthroughchores is the hashtag I am using today and all I have done on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, is walk into our front and back gardens and itemise/photograph what fruit, veges, herbs or greens there are available and if we have too much of some things…we’ll probably create a space in the front yard where people can come and pick up some herbs or veges… So how are you doing? My last pikkie are of seed packets…it may be time to look at planting some of these now… #chores2combatcovid19 #Day13 #time2plant

Day 14- Juice

Today has been my last day of self-isolation. This morning I began my day drinking a conconction which I hope will combat Covid19. The recipe is on my pikkie. I sculled it, because it is quite a challenging drink however…moving forward, I really will need to seriously look at MY physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health…so bottom’s up peeps! Stay healthy, kind and connected.
Note to Self- Just because it’s in a Nutella glass does not make it taste any better #concoctions2combatCovid19 #Day14 #connectingthroughconcoctions