21 ways to have an amazing COVID-19 sabbath at your house

The first church (home) comes in to its own right now. You parents are the best faith transmitters on the planet. Let’s make COVID-19 Sabbaths memorable for your family. Light some candles… open Sabbath and let’s get this show on the road.

Here are 21 ways to have an amazing COVID-19 sabbath at your house. How many can you do?

1. Cook an amazing breakfast for your kids. Do Something special.

2. Sing some songs together… make a creative band together using things around the house for instruments.

3. Play a Bible game, quiz. Make up your own rules is always fun.

4. Ask your kids to preach the sermon… It is always interesting to see what they came up with.

5. Ask each of your kids to tell their favourite Bible story and explain why it is their favourite.

6. Watch a nature film together.

7. Do a Bible treasure hunt in your backyard. Some of the psalms are great for this. Pick one and ask your children to illustrate with objects from your backyard.

8. Serve someone together. Find a need in your community and fill it.

9. Help your kids make cards thanking our health workers or supermarket workers or teachers for what they are doing on the front line. Help your kids deliver them.

10. Do a craft together based on what you can scrounge around the house. Put bits and pieces on the table and allow kids to be creative.

11. Build a lego church building and help your kids discuss what church really is while you are playing together.

12. Have your kids choose a parable and act it out (charades).

13. Find Arnies shack online and play it for your kids.

14. Ask your kids to find the best YouTube clip or picture that best portrays what Jesus is to them. Take turns sharing and explain why.

15. Start a prayer walk/walk using post it notes or similar and help kids come up with things to pray for on the walk/wall.

16. Read a good Christian novel together. Children love the anticipation of each chapter.

17. Download the Gracelink animation. Watch and discuss together.

18. Have an art competition. Have your kids draw a picture of what they think heaven will be like… Compare and contrast.

19. Make some popcorn together and pray a popcorn prayer together as the corn pops….. then enjoy the snack.

20. Make a Sabbath Spotify playlist together – pass the phone around and each person search for and add a song as the playlist plays. Thanks Leighton Heise for this idea.

21. Read a bible passage together using the Discovery Bible Reading method. https://discipleship.adventistchurch.com/framework/discoverybiblereading/

From the North New South Wales Conference Children’s Ministries Department.