25th Anniversary of Children’s Ministries at the General Conference

This June 2020, the General Conference Children’s Ministries celebrates its 25th anniversary as a department.  Though it started as a small department, today Children’s Ministries has been inaugurated in all thirteen world divisions, two GC attached unions, and one attached field.  We praise the Lord for the wonderful network of children’s leaders ministering to children and teens in their spiritual walk with Jesus.  Resources have been produced and translated each year to nurture the faith of these little ones.  Activities and programs are organized to strengthen their prayer life, Bible studies, healthful lifestyle, and service opportunities.
To celebrate God’s blessings on our ministry to children and teens we have created a 25th Anniversary Celebration Package that you can use in your unions, conferences, missions, and even the local churches.  You can have a worship service on Sabbath using the resource package as well as an afternoon program.
May the Lord  bless you and all the children richly throughout your territory as you celebrate and remember how God has led this ministry to serve children within the church as well as community children.
Special thanks to Dr. Saustin Mfune, GC Associate Children’s Ministries Director for preparing the sermon, children’s story, and the drama script in this package.  We thank him for his ten years of service and ministry to the world field.  May God bless him as he retires from the General Conference at the end of June, but we know he will never retire from Children’s Ministries.
Linda Mei Lin Koh
Children’s Ministries Director
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists