About Us

Our Vision

Every child a disciple of Jesus.

Our Mission

Adventist Children’s Ministries exists to make disciples of children, birth through to fourteen years. It equips churches and homes to connect children to a lifelong, loving relationship to Jesus and his church.

Our Values

Application – we plan for a changed life of service and mission
Family – we recognise and empower the child’s home and family
Relationships – we are intentional about building authentic relationships
Participation – we encourage participation and experiential learning
Generations – we connect the child to all generations
Memories – we intentionally build spiritual memories
Holistic – we plan for holistic encounters with God
Safety – we aim to ensure physical and emotional safety

Children’s Ministries Director

Litiana Turner – Discipleship Ministries Team Children’s Specialist

My name is Litiana Rakarakatia Turner and I was born in Fiji and migrated to Australia in the mid 70’s. It is my privilege to serve as the Discipleship Ministries Team Children’s specialist.

I have lived in Australia for forty years. I am an educator, wife & mother who is passionate about young people understanding and seeing themselves as God sees them. I am an advocate for marginalised groups within our church especially through the medium of training and education as I see these as key components in building capacity and within our young people.

As a Pacific Island woman I have straddled life within two cultures and worked professionally in roles traditionally held by men and so I believe that I may offer a unique perspective on leadership as a PI person within a western context who has brushed up alongside a few glass ceilings.

I speak three languages and dabble with any other I may encounter, I love to travel and speak with and for young people about the goodness and grace of God. I have the gift of teaching and love to inspire and be inspired by lovers of the Lord.