About Us

Our Vision

Every child a disciple of Jesus.

Our Mission

Adventist Children’s Ministries exists to make disciples of children, birth through to fourteen years. It equips churches and homes to connect children to a lifelong, loving relationship to Jesus and his church.

Our Values

Application – we plan for a changed life of service and mission
Family – we recognise and empower the child’s home and family
Relationships – we are intentional about building authentic relationships
Participation – we encourage participation and experiential learning
Generations – we connect the child to all generations
Memories – we intentionally build spiritual memories
Holistic – we plan for holistic encounters with God
Safety – we aim to ensure physical and emotional safety

Children’s Ministries Liaison

Maddy Voinea – Ministry and Strategy Team Children’s Ministry Liaison

My name is Maddy Voinea and I am the Ministry Innovation and Marketing Leader, part of the Ministry and Strategy team. I am a father, husband and am passionate about seeing children and young people encounter our personal and loving God. There is nothing more important than raising children in love, faith and hope. This is our greatest privilege and honour as parents.

I am here to connect you with children’s ministry initiatives that will support you as you serve in this very important ministry arena. For any information or resources, please feel free to contact me at maddyvoinea@adventist.org.au.