I loved Adventurers and Pathfinders as a kid. Especially the Camping! We used to get up to so much mischief and had many a late night and singed eyebrow (poor Leaders)! From horse riding to beach camps from hiking to floating down the freezing Colo river on lilos, they were some of the best days as a kid. We got so dirty!

This year I get to take my son and we are going to ‘rough it’ at the ‘Shine For Jesus’ Greater Sydney Conference Camporee! Note to self: I still need to buy him a sleeping bag.

I can’t recommend Adventurers highly enough in developing kids skills in the outdoors, making new friends and building relationships with other kids and with Jesus.

All you need is a few kids and a few brave volunteers to create the best shared memories!

For more information about Adventures and other Adventurer Camporees and events contact your local Conference/Mission or read up about it here.