Child Safety


Adsafe Ltd (Adsafe) is an independent service providing a centralised and consistent service for the protection of children and vulnerable persons for the Seventh-day Adventist Church across parts of the South Pacific Division. Adsafe contributes to the mission of the Church by enabling children and vulnerable people to experience the love of God in a […]

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE)

The ACE study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes a whole life perspective, as indicated on the orange arrow leading from conception to death. The study was specifically designed to provide data that would help answer the question: “If risk factors for disease, disability, and early mortality are not randomly distributed, what […]

Stop I Don’t Like That

If someone makes you feel frightened or sad, or if someone hurts you? It is ALWAYS okay to say ‘STOP I don’t like that!’ Remember, you can tell and adult you trust about what has happened. You can ask them to help you feel safe again. Written by Karen Whelan ‘Stop I don’t like that!’ […]

Virtual Meetings With Children

With social distancing and isolating, we need to consider how best to protect and support our children and young people, while providing opportunities for them to spiritually and socially connect with Church leaders and their peers. Please find below a practical visual guide for zooming/virtual meetings with children as well as the AdSafe ‘VIRTUAL MEETINGS’ […]

World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

World Day of Prayer for children at risk occurs on the last Sabbath in May.Its aim is to unite adults and children globally in focused prayer raising an awareness to the thousands of children around the world and within our community who are at risk of abuse, neglect, hurt, trafficking and much more. This little […]

World Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Day

Why are there so many orphans in the world?  What can we do about it? God has called the church to span the gap between His heart for orphans and vulnerable children and the huge problem that exists today. We were vulnerable sinners, but God chose to get involved and took the ultimate step to […]