A Faith Shaper Guide to Christmas

The crazy season is coming. The season of stress, of overfilled malls, and maxed out credit cards. We have written this guide to help you be intentional creating space this Christmas season for the things that matter most. This Christmas, help your kids discover more than how to be simply consumers. As adults, make it […]

Christ in Christmas – 12 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

Prepare your heart and family for the Christmas season. Here is a little booklet of 12 ways to help you take the focus off of the worldly expressions of the Christmas season and focus on Jesus.

Christmas Ideas for Kids and Churches

It’s become known as the crazy season. The season of stress, overfilled malls, and maxed out credit cards; of fat men in red suits, of Christmas trees and a few overplayed jingles. Christmas, while heavily commercialized, is a fantastic opportunity to start a conversation with your kids about true love and what it really means. […]

Let’s Celebrate Christmas!

As we ask our children what is Christmas about, we may find out that their answers is: “it’s about Christmas tree, lights, decorations and presents!!” as their voices are filled with excitement. This is a precious opportunity to teach (or remind) our children that Christmas is REALLY about JESUS. Click here to download this creative […]

The Christmas Story

This is a fantastic mini movie by Kidswise – Aussie kids retelling the Christmas story in their own words. Great for Christmas Services or Children’s ministry program or even just to watch at home together with your family.