Children & Trauma

Here are some more very helpful resources form the Child Mind Institute for helping children deal with trauma. They are in 11 languages. 

Dear Friends,

In emergency situations, dependable information and simple tools can make a world of difference for children. That’s why the Child Mind Institute has multilingual trauma resources designed to help communities in the wake of natural disasters, school violence and acts of terror. Our guide Helping Children Cope After a Traumatic Event is available in 11 languages.

Recently, to support families affected by the invasion of Ukraine, we have taken extra steps to make these and other resources available:

– We translated the Traumatic Events guide into Ukrainian with the help of a translator who remains in Kyiv

– Members of our MindLogger team from Ukraine translated our Pediatric Screener applet into Ukrainian to help clinicians identify children in need of specialized care

– We created a landing page to aggregate clinical resources for psychologists helping refugee populations in Eastern Europe, including Ukrainian, Russian and Polish translations

Our resources have been shared globally, including by the United Nations High Council on Refugees and the US State Department within the past two weeks.

I hope you’ll share this email with any parents, educators or clinicians who are helping children through this or any other crisis.

Harold S. Koplewicz, MD
President and Medical Director
Child Mind Institute
Child Mind ‘Multi-Lingual Trauma Resources’