Easter – Beyond the Chocolate Bunny

As a kid I loved Easter. The shops were filled with pretty pastel eggs, decorations and cute soft toys (it also it meant that my birthday was close). The older I got the more I found it hard to reconcile the commercial Easter with all the eggs, chocolate and cute bunnies with what I was hearing at church. The Easter about new birth, forgiveness, grace and the most amazing sacrifice for love ever made.

A couple years ago I had the privilege of celebrating Easter on a small island in the far north of the northern hemisphere… that weekend I had one of those light bulb moment’s. Easter, like spring, is all about new beginnings, second changes, forgiveness, grace and love. So often I find that we get lost in winter, the day to day grind of our lives that we tend to forget the beauty of hope, joy, love and pure grace that comes when you look up in spring.

I know that it is autumn down here, so the Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and the idea of spring feel out of place. But I want to challenge you this Easter to do two things. First spend some quality time with your family, connecting and creating positive memories. Secondly; remember to look up and see the joy, hope, forgiveness and grace that this holiday represents.

Because this is how much God loved us: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. No strings attached; so that no one would have to die forever. And the best part is that simply by believing in him, anyone and everyone can have a full, and lasting life forever with Him (paraphrase John 3:16).

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