End it Now!

We are faced with political unrest, wars, epidemics and pandemics, loss of jobs, inability to handle the daily needs of our families and the list goes on and on. At this time many of us are still dealing with the after affects of coronavirus. All these factors impact us spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Sadly, emotional distress without a firm spiritual foundation leads to abuse in our house and society of many kinds.

This year’s End it Now Emphasis Day resources are themed “When Jesus Ended It” is written by Pastor Anthony R. Kent, associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association.

Our prayer is that God will work through you, our leaders, and all our sisters and brothers as you minister to those in pain and share the love, joy, and peace that only comes from Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This is the time to share spiritual gifts in abundant measures.

For more information please head to the website www.enditnow.org