God Encounters…

Mary was 12 when she personally encountered God while reading her neighbours Bible. Three years later she walked 25 miles (40km) to purchase a Bible of her own. Mary’s dedication to owning a Bible in her own language so profoundly impacted Thomas Charles that it lead to his involvement in the establishment of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Mary’s God encounter significantly changed the course of her life and impacted many around her.

Giving children access to a Bible they can read and understand is an essential part of helping our children encounter God and develop lifelong faith. Creating God encounter opportunities encourages children to explore and develop a personal, intimate relationship with God that is unique to them.

David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith in their book Children’s’ Ministry in the way of Jesus said “When children realise that they are part of this story, that God’s story is also their story, that God’s story connects with the own expanding self-narratives, they become responsible for ensuring that the episodes in which they make appearances are faithful to the overall script.”

Helping our children to have meaningful God encounters can be as simple as encouraging our children to read the Bible for themselves, sharing Bible stories and providing an environment where it is ok to ask questions about God.

If you want to learn more about creating opportunities for your children to have meaningful God encounters check out the following resources:

Daily Bites – TAG (Time alone with God) is a resource that can be used to help children develop their personal devotions time. They are designed to extend the lesson studied with the family. Each day contains a scripture, questions, and a prayer point grouped around a particular topic. (Also check out Footprints – For Parents and Mentors)

Faithshaper – God Encounters Booklet

Mary Jones and Her Bible Video – Kids  

Mary Jones Bible – Parents

By: Rebekah Rankin