God Encounters

“When children realise that they are a part of this story, that God’s story is also their story, that God’s story connects with their own expanding self-narratives, they become responsible for ensuring that the episodes in which they make appearances are faithful to the overall scrips.” (David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith , Children’s Ministry in the way of Jesus, 2013).

Provide an environment and experience that allow children to encounter Jesus intimately, personally and regularly through prayer and reflection.
Use learning activities that are experiential, multisensory, engaging and varied in learning styled.
Tell awesome Bible stories and stories of faith that will reach the heart and mind.
Provide opportunities for children to experience and imagine how their personal story is intertwined with the big picture of the Bible.
Help children enter into the wonder and mystery of the Bible through discussion and questioning and to respond using their individual gifts such as art, music, construction or drama.

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