Handling Halloween

Many parents worry about shielding their children from dangerous non-Christian influences. This is especially true at Halloween, which has become a culturally accepted multi-billion dollar holiday. Because of the costumes, sugar filled treats and fun, most children love Halloween. However parents are faced with the dilemma: how much should children participate in a holiday that focuses on scary images, glamorizing death and the occult?

Avoiding Halloween entirely is one option. Another is providing fun Christian alternatives. Parents also have the opportunity to provide children with a faith-based understanding of Halloween. You can use the holiday to help your children discover the differences between God’s truth and false beliefs endorsed by popular culture. Here are a couple of ways to start:

Explore children’s fears regarding death.
Kids often ask tough questions that make adults uncomfortable. When topics such as death and the devil arise, let your home be a safe place where children can express their fears. Then turn to the Bible for answers.

Put on the “armour of God” as protection against evil.
Read aloud Ephesians 6:10-20 and discuss how God keeps us safe. Let children dress up in this armour; for example, wear the belt of truth to recognise Satan’s lies and resist his temptations.

Reverse Trick or Treat.
Surprise neighbours with an unexpected act of kindness. Bake some goodies and deliver them by ringing doorbells and saying, “Reverse trick or treat!” As you walk from home to home, talk about biblical truths such as the Golden Rule—and why God tells us to love our neighbours.

>>This blog was adapted from Group at Home, Real Family. Real Jesus. Real Simple. Weekly Newsletter. October 24, 2014