Kids Talents for Jesus

Emergence of the Department

The 1995 General Conference session at Ultrecht marks a watershed for children’s ministries. On July 4, 1995, A. H. Tolhurst proposed a motion from the floor that the Children’s Ministries Department be established as a separate ministry, a separate department of the church. It was seconded and voted, and children’s ministries became the newest department of the church, the only department in history to be suggested from the floor at a session.

In the year 2000 a new children’s curriculum was written for the world church. This was a product of creative thinking and evaluation by many people from all the world divisions. Known as GraceLink, this new curriculum stresses four core aspects of the Christian faith:

Today, Children’s Ministries has become a worldwide ministry with every division in the world field having a director to oversee the work of spiritual nurturing and training for children.

So back to us today July, 2020….In a PRE-COVID world this last Sabbath (July 4, 2020) would have been the last Sabbath of the General Conference Session and we would have been celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a Department there, however our lives have been vastly different this year and so with that in mind, we along with all the CHM Leaders and Admin around the world, have been discussing how we may still commemorate the 25th Year Anniversary of Children’s Ministries!

This is how a ‘Talent Quest’ idea was conceived. Basically we are asking KIDS within the South Pacific Division to submit creative works to their Missions and Conferences and 5 winners will be picked from each Union and sent to us at the South Pacific Division to feature in the Global ‘Commemorative Book’ to be made available around the world.

Please submit your work to your Local Missions/Conferences by the October 13, 2020. 

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‘Jesus My Best Friend’


Art-  Let us know if you have any questions.

Poetry –  While we would like to have all the poems in English, we recognise that children and teens around the world church don’t necessarily have English as their first language. Therefore we will accept poems in different languages. We will have judges who will understand those languages (please note we prefer languages not the many dialects).

Media Production – this is where the kids who love to work with technology can produce a video or develop animations that illustrate how Jesus is their best friend.  If the video includes narration or some singing, it is part of the video.  Here again other languages will be involved too.  We do not want a video of kids singing or playing musical instruments because we are not including a music category.

Thank you for participating and we look forward to seeing what is submitted!

Litiana and Alex