Michael Asks Why

by Sally Pierson Dillon

Ellen G White’s classic The Great Controversy adapted for children

Michael wandered into the kitchen where Mom was chopping carrots. She smiled as he parked on a stool next to her. “I’ve been thinking,” he began. With those three words, Michael starts a life-changing discussion with his mother that opens his young mind to the issues behind the war of all wars.

Michael Asks Why, by Sally Pierson Dillon, is a creative adaptation for children of Ellen G. White’s classic The Great Controversy. Inspired by the real questions of her then seven-year-old son named in the book’s title, Michael Asks Why is a great way to direct children’s attention to the important spiritual topics contained in the Great Controversy.

Questions like “Why do we have so many churches?” and “What will happen in the time of trouble?” are dealt with in a kid-friendly way that will keep your children interested and get them asking more questions.

Use Michael Asks Why to start life changing discussion with your child today.