Steps to Christ Activity Book & CD

The Steps to Christ Activity Book is based on the book Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White.
Each chapter includes a summary of the original chapter’s content, several activities to help the young reader grasp the main ideas and the ‘sheet music’ for a song. (Accompaniment CD sold separately)

Middle primary school aged students will enjoy navigating through the activities of this book. This interactive approach gives a new way of enjoying a book which has been translated into more than 165 languages, with several million copies in print. It is suitable for family worship, schools, Sabbath activities, children and youth camps, and other settings.


  1. God Is Love
  2. Why We All Need Jesus
  3. Repentance
  4. Confessing To Those I Have Wronged
  5. Searching With Your Whole Heart
  6.  Faith And Acceptance
  7. Jesus Gives Us Power To Be His Children
  8. Growing Up In Christ
  9. We Are His Hands
  10. Ways Of Knowing God
  11. The Privilege Of Talking To The King Of Kings
  12. When Some Bible Passages Don’t Make Sense
  13. Rejoicing In The Lord