Teaching the Faith: An Essential Guide for Building Faith-Shaped Kids

Teaching the faith to kids today is like climbing Everest in a gale.
So here’s an elevator.

Remember your childhood? Well, forget it! It’s different now. Life is busier. Families are more fractured. Innocence gone. You’re fighting media pressure. Moral vacuum. Reading’s out. See and do is in. Everything’s changed except the need to teach kids to love God.

Only now do you have better tools! This book covers everything you could ever want to know, the most comprehensive guide available in print. Not just a tool kit, it is a whole laboratory of equipment for running an excellent church school classroom or Sabbath school.

The authors, who have taught at all levels, survey many different learning modes and styles and explain how to prepare in all of them. How to discipline. How to tell a story. How to get kids to talk, to think, to remember. How to use music. How to understand children with different backgrounds and disabilities. How to form their faith. How to model prayer. How to teach truth, using 29 other active learning methods. And that hardly scratches the surface of the riches between these covers. This comprehensive handbook is all you need to build great kids who love a great God.