Visual Learners

As Sabbath School teachers we sometimes get hung up on recall and memorisation (how cute is it when they stand up the front and repeat a Bible verse?) However, we need to realise that many kids out there learn in many different ways and while this can be a challenge when conducting a Sabbath School class we need to keep an eye out and balance all the different ways of learning so all kids have a chance to learn about Jesus. They cannot miss out!

One type of learning style is a Visual learner.  Many if most kids are visual learners.

A visual learner learns holistically (all at once) rather than in a step-by-step fashion. They see the big picture, need to see the whole in order to understand where details fit. Visual learners think in pictures. So pictures, whether printed or imagined, play an important role in the learning process.

Because the child is processing primarily in pictures rather than words, ideas are interconnected, and the child intuits (sees) the relationship between elements in the whole. The visual learner needs processing time both for learning and then for recalling what was learned. The visual learner must not be rushed and should not be judged on how well they can put into words what they see and understand.

If you would like to check out some interesting bible images that you can use for sabbath school or even for church Click here for Bible Illustrations Library  (warning some images maybe a little scary for younger children).

In the Gracelink training program we  talk about the different learning styles of children and how best to meet their needs. Contact your local Conference/Mission to find out more about Gracelink training.

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