#weRtheChurch recognises that the church is not a building on a street, the church is people. Human beings engaged in being the hands and feet of Jesus. Especially now in this season of great change with lockdowns and social distancing laws, we the Church, need to be more outwardly focused. In a safe way of course, the #weRthechurch challenge is a timely reminder to all of us that we are here to help, love and show support to those around us. Be a part of this challenge by sending us or posting either a picture or a video (on social media) of you and your bubble with your hands clasped in front of you or singing the chorus of the song “We are the Church” by Janine Max. #weRtheChurch.

#weRtheChurch was also a Division wide program run during COVID-19 lockdown.


Also you can follow and join the Facebook Group #weRtheChurch.

For more songs or to purchase the CD contact Janine here or visit the MaxiPraise website.