100 Creative Activities for Sabbath

Need creative ideas for making Sabbath special? How about 100 of them? For parents and caregivers who want their children to treasure our Sabbath heritage, yet struggle with the challenges of modern living, this book is a cause for rejoicing! Karen Holford has become the friend of Adventist families everywhere with her creative activity books […]

100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids

Children, and even we adults, often get stuck when asked to pray. We don’t know what to say, or our prayers can easily become routine and boring. Karen Holford has 100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids that are guaranteed to make time with Jesus interesting, meaningful, and even fun. Don’t assume grownups are left to watch from […]

100 Creative Ways to Learn Memory Verses

Karen Holford, draws from years of experience and oodles of ingenuity to help kids delight in God’s Word. Multisensory activities such as Alphabetize Verse, Secret Codes, Stepping Stone, Recycled Tunes, and Edible Verses make spiritual concepts real and exciting to kids of all ages. Order from your local Adventist Book Centre.

100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families

The most important gift we can give our children is the desire to love God and to follow and serve Him. The challenge facing parents today—as never before—is carving out time for daily family worship. 100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families is the answer to that challenge! It is Karen Holford’s second book on worship ideas […]

5 Daily Essential Relational Moments

Building Authentic relationships with your kids takes intentionality. We have listed our daily five essential relational moments to help you connect with your kids daily, in a consistent and intentional manner. We have also included some ideas, so you have a place to start from. View, print or download by clicking below.

5 Ways to Say I Love You

We believe that we were created by a loving God, so it is only natural that children need to feel loved in order to best develop and succeed. But if you and your child speak different love languages, your display of love might get lost in translation – affecting your child’s attitude, behaviour, and development. […]

777 Prayer Poster

The 777 Prayer Poster encourages your children to join millions of other Seventh-day Adventist children worldwide to pray Seven days a week at Seven o’clock (morning or evening) for the outpouring of the Holy spirit.

A Faith Shaper Guide to Christmas

The crazy season is coming. The season of stress, of overfilled malls, and maxed out credit cards. We have written this guide to help you be intentional creating space this Christmas season for the things that matter most. This Christmas, help your kids discover more than how to be simply consumers. As adults, make it […]

Adventist Fun-da-Mentals – infographic posters

Created by Kid’s Ministry Ideas these creative infographic posters are a fantastic way to communicate the 28 fundamentals beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to your kids in a fun easy to understand way. There are 28 separate infographic posters each one is relating to one specific fundamental. This is a fantastic resource to have […]

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is not a time of salvation, that is at baptism, but it is a dedication on the part of the parents to bring the child up to love and serve the Lord. We have compiled some information, readings, commitments and resources that can be used in a baby dedication. We need to show […]

Bible Timeline

These Bible Timelines follow the GraceLink Lessons for the entire year. Your children can follow weekly as they do their lessons and experience the story in this wonderful bright and fun timeline. A real asset for every Sabbath School room.

Child of The King

An Abide resource this is a wonderful music resource, with 20 Sabbath School songs. Order from your local Adventist Book Centre or the Review and Herald.

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